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[Video] Angela Marafino - Keynote Speech

Videos from our Annual Conference are now available on our Youtube Channel!

Watch the inspiring keynote speech from our guest speaker Angela Marafino


I will discuss various women in security who have entered the cybersecurity field without technical/computer science backgrounds, beginning with my story on how I entered the field with a non-traditional background and no prior IT experience. I will then compare different aspects of cybersecurity (offense/defense) to other professions where these roles exist and talk about how women already do these other jobs but entering other fields was likely much more difficult than entering cybersecurity today. I will then close by listing a few of the advantages women have today when trying to enter the field and why showing up and supporting other women is so important.


Angela is a program manager at Microsoft on the Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Customer Experience Engineering Team. She is COO of Women of Security and also acts as a co-organizer of WoSec Seattle, CFO of WeAreHackerz, and a moderator of The Hacker Book Club (on Goodreads). She has two Bachelors’ degrees, one in Fine Arts and another in Legal Assistant Studies. After working in the legal field and trying to decide on whether or not to attend law school, Angela knew what she really wanted to do was have a career focused around technology. After reading an article about cybersecurity, Angela knew this was the career path for her! She immediately began immersing herself in all things cybersecurity and attended a 6 month cybersecurity boot camp. While networking and making connections in the field, she then obtained CompTIA’s Network + and Security + certifications and began her first role as a Vulnerability Assessment Specialist all within half a year's time! Outside of cybersecurity Angela enjoys reading, photography, boxing, and spending time with her dogs, cat, family, & friends! She is also a HUGE foodie and enjoys traveling and can’t wait to be able to explore new places again (especially Canada)!

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